My name is Scott Nelson and I’m the founder of Monument English, a School of English in Italy where we teach both in-class and online.I’m originally from New Zealand but have been living in Italy since 2005. I’ve been teaching English both in-class and online for nearly 10 years and it has allowed me to meet many wonderful students from around the world and to learn about different people and cultures.Before moving to Italy I was a Team Leader at Maxx, an award winning contact centre in Auckland New Zealand. My role included a lot of coaching and development and I believe it taught me some useful skills that I use today when teaching my students. I enjoy helping students improve in all areas of their language whether it be communication skills, exam skills or even job skills and I show them how they can also use new technology to help them as well.I founded Monument English online in 2009 to help my European students prepare for professional English exams or to go and work in the U.K. By providing an online service using one of today’s best online platforms (WizIQ), I gave students an opportunity to connect with certified and experienced English Teachers no matter which part of the world they were in. In 2013 we opened out first English school in Italy where we teach both children and adults both in class and mixed (online) learning.If you would like to know more information or would like to try a free assessment online lessons, contact me on the form below.

Scott Nelson Monument English School Founder

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Monument English è una scuola di lingua inglese che offre una varietà di corsi tra cui inglese generale e commerciale, inglese medico, inglese legale; inglese per ragazzi e bambini, preparazione agli esami Cambridge e Trinity, e altro ancora. I nostri corsi possono essere tenuti sia in classe che online.


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